Signs and Notices Produced at Lowest Cost – How to Save Money

Businesses and organisations of every type need to display staff notices, health and safety messages, information announcements, policy statements, rules and regulations, door signs, advertising, diploma certificates and many other types of sign. Instead of outsourcing there are big cost savings to be made from producing these signs in-house using a standard office printer. All you need for a professional finished result is the right changeable sign holder, notice board or poster frame. outdoor sign Holder

The traditional sign company approach to producing short-run signs is to use vinyl lettering affixed to a panel or sign substrate. This involves a significant labour element plus the cost of materials, as well as the sign company’s overheads, profit and delivery costs. But often the biggest problem is the time it takes to get the sign produced. You need a fast, low cost solution.

While vinyl lettering is a great way to produce shop fascia signs or to get your van sign written, it is not the optimum solution for many everyday signage requirements. Instead great results can be achieved in-house using an office printer – either inkjet or laser. With basic word processor skills, or with the assistance of graphic design software for more sophisticated projects, it is relatively easy to produce an effective layout for the message you need to convey.

Even the most basic office printers can produce smaller signs up to Letter size (applicable to North America) or A4 size, which is the standard paper size used throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world. But a printed sheet taped to the wall looks very amateurish and when displayed outdoors it won’t survive for long. Help is at hand in the form of many different affordable print display systems.

The notice board is widely used and well understood. The variants worth considering are whether the bulletin board should be open fronted, have a hinged door, be lockable, waterproof, illuminated, suitable for pins or hook-fasteners, magnetic, cork-back, felt, dry-wipe, unframed or fitted with a frame – either basic or designer.

For displaying individual printed signs there are also many options. First decide if you want the notice displayed permanently. In practice this is rare as messages need to be kept up to date, people move offices, new regulations come into force and so forth. This is why the changeable sign holder has become so popular. With some styles of holder the paper is simply slipped into the frame though a slot in the top edge. In other styles the poster frame opens from the front so a new page can be inserted quickly and easily.

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