Florida Department Of Financial Services – Its 4 Sections And Their Functions Explained

The Florida Department of Financial Services provides information to consumers, businesspersons and individuals residing in Florida. The information is provided free of charge to those who seek it. This information is available on the Department’s website or through the state office on a request for a printed copy of the information. The website is divided into sections and caters to consumers, agents, adjusters, state vendors and employers. Each section deals with various topics and provides current information about the economic world in the state of Florida.

1. The Consumer Section:
The consumer section of the Florida Department of Financial Services website contains articles on financial news, consumer credit, insurance policies, credit scams, illegal schemes, Medicare issues and health insurance. The visitors can ask questions in respect of financial, insurance and credit issues. The site offers contact information, should the consumer feel the need to lodge any kind of complaints regarding any insurance or financial service in the state.

2. The Company Directory:
The directory provides a listing of all insurance companies and agents operating in the Florida state. It provides background information on the particular company that is asked for and whether it is state approved and meets the set standards. The website alerts the consumers regarding the scams and cons discovered across the state. Contact numbers are provided for those who wish to report a scam., or those who want to lodge a complaint on being targeted by these illegal schemes.

3. Insurance Section:
Appraisers and adjusters can make use of the insurance section to obtain information on insurance education requirements and license renewal. New insurers in Florida State must meet the standard requirements set by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

4. Employers Section:
The employers in Florida State can use the Department’s website to be updated with the latest changes in workman’s compensations like payments, regulations and claims. Training sessions and workshops on workers’ compensations organized in the state are advertised on the website. Employers can participate and benefit from these training sessions. Discover Portafina

The Florida Department of Financial Services has set up a comprehensive and interactive website for the benefit of the people residing in Florida State. Those who wish to obtain information can do so very easily by visiting the website.

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